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Sexy Sleep 🍑 Adult Bedtime Stories by Audiodesires - Audiodesires.com

Welcome to https://audiodesires.com/ ! Do you have trouble falling asleep? Relax and unwind with bedtime stories for adults with the Sexy Sleep by Audiodesires collection. This sexy sleep podcast will help you relax, forget about your stressful day and drift into sleep. Get cosy with our fan-favorite narrators after a long day of hiking to get to the remote cabin where you're staying or have soft reassurances lull you into a happy place as someone quietly scribbles next to you. You can also listen to relaxing nature sounds, sleep soundscapes, deep sleep sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, ocean waves, white noise machines, thunderstorms, waterfall sounds, jungle, forest sounds, relaxing music, binaural beats and guided sleep meditations. Audiodesires is a platform for sexy stories, sleep scenes, and wellness guides and meditations designed to turn you on and then wind you down. You can listen to our stories and guides at https://audiodesires.com/ We hope this podcast will help you with your sleepless nights, insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep paralysis. Use this podcast as your daily sleep podcast and experience the benefits of good quality sleep. We recommend that you talk to a doctor if your sleep does not improve. And if you like this podcast listen to the full sleep sounds on https://audiodesires.com/sleep/