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Healthy At Any Size - Melinda Parrish

Conversations with Melinda Parrish, plus size model and body positivity influencer. Melinda has sparked the #healthyatanysize movement through her social media advocacy for women of all shapes and sizes to live a healthy, aspirational lifestyle that is not centered on weight loss. Each week, Melinda Parrish is serving up a dose of inspiration, information, and insight alongside some of the most influential voices in body positivity, health, and wellness. Melinda believes that women were not put on this earth to stand on the sidelines of their own lives, waiting to be good enough to get in the game and start living. As a society, we are wasting far too much of our time, money, and energy on becoming serial dieters, and chasing impossible standards of body perfection. This podcast offers an insightful look at the impact of diet culture on the lives of women, and offers practical, how-to approaches for women to apply to living a more healthy lifestyle. This isn't about fitting into our skinny jeans. It's about freeing ourselves up to become the women we want to be, and living at full amplitude in all aspects of our lives!