The Jurassic Park Podcast - The Jurassic Park Podcast

Your source for Jurassic Park / The Lost World / Jurassic Park 3 / Jurassic World / Fallen Kingdom / Jurassic World Dominion / Battle At Big Rock / Camp Cretaceous news and discussion with host Brad Jost. Journey to the island with us as we hear the sounds of John Williams, Don Davis & Michael Giacchino and discuss the sights of Steven Spielberg, Joe Johnston, Colin Trevorrow & J.A. Bayona. There are endless hours of discussion, where we also discuss the video games (Jurassic World Evolution, Jurassic World Alive and more), the theme parks (Islands of Adventure, Velocicoaster, Universal Studios Hollywood), the tours (Jurassic World The Exhibition, Jurassic World Live Tour), Paleontology, Audio Dramas (Tales From A Jurassic World, Extinction Level Jurassic Park), Mattel Jurassic World toys, novels (Michael Crichton, The Evolution of Claire, Maisie Lockwood Adventures), the collaborations (Accompany, Insight Editions, The Folio Society, Topps) and so much more!! @JurassicParkPod https://www.jurassicparkpodcast.com/ https://www.youtube.com/c/jurassicparkpodcast