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I help moms declutter their homes, heads, and hearts. Hey there, mama. Are you tired of all the STUFF crowding your home, calendar, and mind? Do you wish you could say goodbye to the endless to-do list running around in your head, while you’re running around in the middle of the mess? Want to declutter but don’t know where to start? Are your dreams buried under piles of toys and laundry? Welcome to Moms Overcoming Overwhelm, where you will find proven and practical solutions to declutter your home, head, and heart. If you’re ready to reclaim your precious resources of time, energy, attention, and focus and create the motherhood and life you want on YOUR terms - this podcast is for you. Hi, I’m Emily - a wife, #boymom, and simplicity seeker. I struggled to get pregnant and felt completely overwhelmed - until I discovered decluttering could create the physical and emotional space I needed to become a mom. Now, two kids later, I’ve transformed my life and motherhood by developing simple systems around decluttering, capsule wardrobes, kids stuff, cleaning and tidying, meal planning, time management, and more- and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you’re ready to reclaim the time and energy you crave, be present with your kids, and finally enjoy the life and motherhood you SO deserve - let’s kick overwhelm to the curb, shall we? Grab your lukewarm coffee, your notebook and pen, and clear off some counter space! Let’s do this.   Podcast -> www.simplebyemmy.com/podcast   Learn -> www.simplebyemmy.com/resources    Connect -> Join our free FB group Decluttering Tips and Support for Overwhelmed Moms! https://www.facebook.com/groups/494375618865628    Instagram -> @simplebyemmy and @momsovercomingoverwhelm   *** Don’t Know Where to Start? ***   5 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm -> https://simplebyemmy.com/5steps/   5 Mindset Shifts for Decluttering -> https://simplebyemmy.com/mindset/   Wanna work with me to kick overwhelm to the curb, mama? There are three options for you!   Step 1: Grab a free 30-minute decluttering coaching session at www.calendly.com/simplebyemmy   Step 2: Kick overwhelm to the curb with 5 weeks of support at www.momsovercomingoverwhelm.com   Step 3: Get more personalized support with one-on-one coaching! info@simplebyemmy.com