It Sure Is A Beautiful Day - Dear Media, Catt Sadler

Off the success of her wildly popular podcast NAKED, veteran tv host, journalist, tastemaker, and mom Catt Sadler is back with her second podcast offering. This show is equal parts inspiration and celebration, while always utterly raw and authentic. It Sure is a Beautiful Day is the perfect escape for those who want to be entertained and return to JOY. As a powerful and respected voice in media, Catt will motivate listeners to be their absolute best selves while exploring themes of hope, renewal, and resurgence. Catt conducts in-depth interviews with notable guests and celebrities, but is also joined occasionally by her inner circle of family and friends. If you ever wanted to know more about this award-winning tv personality exploring midlife, relationships, health and wellness, spirituality and more - ABD is where she completely cracks open. It Sure is a Beautiful Day is the prescription you didn’t know you needed. It’s like hanging with your best girls talking about Botox and the best matcha powder - while having your favorite celebs and respected thought-leaders drop by to chime in.