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The Horny Housewife is the couples locker room talk, take notes. Your host Jordyn Hakes is raw, unfiltered and a bit salacious, discussing all things sex, the realities of marriage, & answering YOUR burning questions while always protecting anonymity. From dating your spouse, mismatched libidos, the male g-spot, backdoor entry, how-to’s for both men and women, no topic is off limits. Buckle up freaky fam I'm mentioning it all, tune in to learn how to be better in bed, more intentional in your relationships, and explore the unknown. Join me every Monday for some guaranteed laughs, no sugarcoating, sexy tips, story times and the occasional jaw dropping listener question. JOIN THE PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/thehornyhousewifepodcast FOLLOW ME IG- @_thehornyhousewifepodcast Tik Tok @thehornyhousewifepodcast CONFESS/REQUEST *anon* www.thehornyhousewifepodcast.com. // Advertising/Business Inquiries : admin@pleasurepodcasts.com The Horny Housewife is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts, a podcast network revolutionizing the conversation around sex and relationships.