Mayonaka Hour真夜中アワー City Pop Podcast - Yuki Tasaka & Van Paugam

真夜中アワー is a podcast created by Yuki Tasaka and Van Paugam focused on the revival of City Pop in the West. Discussion is based on the artists, style, and significance behind the music and it's origins. Yuki Tasaka is a Grammy nominated Japanese producer who plays multiple instruments and teaches in addition to being a bartender and music promoter. Van Paugam is an internationally credited DJ who specializes in Japanese vinyl records mainly within the City Pop. He is associated with the resurfacing of the genre in the West. Together they present an hourly podcast aimed at uncovering the nuance, intrigue, and creative force behind the unique style of Japanese music that has been re-introduced to the world as City Pop. The intro theme was produced by Yuki Tasaka. The outro theme 'MIRAI' was produced by Mika Bridgebook & Philadelphia