Calmly Coping - Tatiana Garcia

Calmly Coping is an actionable self-improvement podcast for overthinkers with high-functioning anxiety. I'm your host, Tati Garcia, and I'm a licensed counselor specializing in anxiety treatment & a coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety. Do you appear calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside you are struggling, doubting, and overthinking? Calmly Coping is not about fixing you, it's about uncovering the amazing person that is already there (and that you are just too afraid to let out). If you are struggling with feeling stuck in life, overthinking and over-analyzing things, putting way too much pressure on yourself, difficulty relaxing, trouble staying focused, and struggling with self-doubt, then this podcast is for you. I release new bite-size and evidence-based episodes once weekly with my top tips and techniques for coping with and decreasing anxiety while helping you feel more confident, have improved relationships and communication skills, and have better focus and performance.