Keen on Yoga Podcast - Adam Keen

Adam Keen hosts the Keen On Yoga Podcast where he engages in a deep level of discussion with Ashtanga yoga teachers as well as others involved in inquiry, wellness, diet, or simply people he finds interesting. The podcast is nonformulaic; there is no pre-list of questions, and the guests are encouraged into an open-ended chat in order to really get a feel for them and their approach to their subject. The emphasis is always on depth, with actual topics of discussion prioritised over the life-story or more familiar, surface-level questions we are used to hearing. To this end, the conversations are often quite honest and surprising. Approaching quickly towards one-hundred episodes, the keen on yoga podcast was started at the beginning of the first lockdown of 2021. We have now released one episode a week for the las year and are as enthusiastic as ever to bring you a wide range of voices to inspire and support your greater journey with yoga. If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support us you can do so by liking, sharing, rating and donating at https://keenonyoga.com/donate/