The Virtual Ocean - Jerrel Ramos & Brandon Matel

THE "LET'S LISTEN" VAPORWAVE PODCAST. Vaporwave is an art aesthetic that embodies the anxiety, disillusionment, and nihilism of the modern world. In music form, vaporwave dives deep into these unconscious anxieties, manifesting sounds from past decades - warping them, manipulating them, and summoning the ghost of the good times that were promised by modern capitalism, but never came. Vaporwave is an expression of the pains of the collective modern unconscious, taking the form of heroin-level escapism, ecstasy-inducing pop music, or dystopian ambient worlds. Because of its internet-based nature, its aesthetics have evolved so rapidly, further reflecting the chaotic subconscious of the modern mind. Vaporwave captures the modern unconscious of humans raised by the internet succinctly, and understanding this art form matters. In each episode, we listen to tracks that make up genre and give our thoughts, analysis, emotions, and commentary on them. Let's set sail on the Virtual Ocean. {Casted from the Bay Area, California. You can follow us on Instagram: @thevirtualocean to join the conversation! Consider donating to us! $thevirutalocean on CashApp will get you your name and any message you want read at the end of the show, starting episode 63.}