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The Business of Boutique Fitness - Lise Kuecker

I’m Lise Kuecker, a long time Studio Owner turned founder here at Studio Grow. Just a few years ago, I was building my studios the hard way cause I didn’t have the team, the budget, or most importantly the time. If you speed up to today, I sold my wildly profitable studios in the mid-7 figures while serving my community in ways I could have only dreamed. Now, I work with thousands of boutique fitness studio owners in over 40 countries and am so blessed to share some of the best tested strategies for our industry every single week. I created this podcast so you’d always have clear, actionable processes, tried and tested Facebook advice and some good ole fashioned inspiration so that you can take simple actionable steps to grow your studio and turn it into a powerhouse empire, just like I did. If you’re a studio owner who's ready to impact your community and see major growth in the process, or you’re prepping to become one, then you are in the right place. So let’s kick this off, shall we?