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Inside Gangs of London: The Official Podcast - Sky Studios

Inside Gangs of London: The Official Podcast Inside Gangs of London isn’t just another reaction show – it’s an essential companion, offering exclusive insight, discussion and behind the scenes stories from one of 2022’s biggest TV shows. With Corin Hardy, lead director of Gangs of London Series 2 as podcast host, expect revelations, easter eggs and forensic examination of “the most dangerous show on television”. Every edition of Inside Gangs of London sees Corin Hardy (lead director and executive producer of Gangs of London Series 2) examine different facets of the TV show, putting its intense, propulsive narrative under the microscope, as well as discussing the behind the scenes craft that goes into making its spectacular action scenes the talk of social media and the real world influences that give the show its sense of gritty realism. Granted an unprecedented level of access to the production, creatives and actors of Gangs Of London Series 2 - the podcast team were given a front row seat to the show being put together from stunt rehearsals, filming of every key scene, through to final delivery of episodes.