The Anti-Diet Lifestyle - Cristina Puscas

It’s easy to get trapped in society's standards of beauty, health, and wellness. Join Cristina Puscas, aka "The Anti-Diet Weight Loss Coach", as we challenge diet culture in all its forms - including mindset, self-care, nutrition, and fitness. Along the way, Cristina shares her own personal journey from disordered eating to a Weight Loss & Mindset Coach helping serial yo-yo dieters find a way off the roller coaster. We cover all the messy parts that people don't talk about when it comes to dieting - the emotional triggers, lack of self-love, confidence, motivation, and & self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder your ultimate success. The Anti-Diet Lifestyle podcast is your weekly reminder that you are not alone on your health & wellness journey and is your motivation to keep pushing every day and love yourself in the process. Come hang out with us every week for some love and inspiration!