Patent Bar MPEP Q & A Podcast - Lisa Parmley, USPTO Patent Practitioner #51006

Brought to you by PatentEducationSeries.com, based on their widely popular Patent Bar Review Course ... the PES Patent Bar Review. This is the perfect podcast to study for the Patent Bar exam on the go. The Patent Bar MPEP Q & A Podcast covers one specific point from the MPEP per 3 to 5 minute episode. You'll get a question along with the detailed answer. In addition to the question and answer you'll get a detailed summary of the exact section where the answer is found. It's short, but packed full of valuable information. Perfect for exercising, driving, or waiting in line. Please visit PatentEducationSeries.com for more free information to help you learn more about and pass the Patent Bar exam. We're here to help you succeed. We've helped scores of engineers, scientists, and attorneys get on the road to a new career as a Patent Practitioner since 2001. The contents of this podcast is not legal advice; for full disclaimer information visit: PatentEducationSeries.com.