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Outrun Cancer - Vanessa Oshima

Outrun Cancer started back in 2012 when I made a promise to a friend that I would run every day for her as she was going through a cancer journey I was living in Tokyo and she was living in my home country, New Zealand. And then in 2017, I also got cancer (I know!!) ...and yep in case you are wondering I am still running every day! You can read more on this journey at https://www.outruncancer.net/ The Outrun Cancer Podcast is for anybody who's going through a cancer journey or supporting somebody who is. Maybe you're a runner (or a wanna-be runner which we all have been at the start) and you'd like to know more about how to run every day or you might just be keen to hear the life learnings from running everyday. So come join us on the Outrun Cancer Podcast. I'd love to hear and learn from your stories, too and make this a community of support. See you soon!