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Profits + Prosecco: The Podcast - Katie Ferro

Welcome to Profits + Prosecco: The Podcast! I’m your host Katie Ferro, creator of Booked Out Bookkeeper, Small Biz Starter Kit & Kajabi enthusiast! This podcast is for entrepreneurs who are struggling to understand their profit and break out of financial troubles. This is also for bookkeepers and accountants who want to get out of the 9-5 corporate rat race and start a bookkeeping business. Inside we are going to be talking about how to gain empowerment over your finances, celebrate your profits, and approach bookkeeping with ease! Whether you have knowledge on bookkeeping or not, together we will navigate the common struggles and obstacles people face. If you enjoyed this podcast, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me! And don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways! CONNECT WITH KATIE: Instagram The Bookkeepers’ Corner Facebook Group Facebook Page Tax Deadline Reminders! Website




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