Free Bird English: Teacher Talk - Abe Lawson and Ben Tracy

Funny English conversations slowed down for ESL students. Hi! We are English teachers with many years of experience in 英会話 schools, private classes, and online. BUT this podcast is about having fun! Similar to "GoGoエイブ会話" (Abe's original podcast) this program is for people who want some laughs with their English studies. We have natural conversations, but speak slowly so that ESL learners can keep up, and we will try to explain some of the advanced vocabulary, expressions, and idioms that we use. The recommended ESL level is basic to high intermediate. There is no script, and the conversations are 100% natural, so there are some adult themes and language used, but we try not to be overly vulgar. We are from Canada and Australia, but have both lived in Japan for many years. So you can expect to hear a lot about all three countries. 長年にわたり英語を教えてる英会話の先生の二人(オーストラリアとカナダ出身)が少しゆっくりで話すナチュラルな会話で笑いながら英語の聴き取りを磨いて下さい♪ たまに難しい英単語や表現を説明してます。