LSAT BOSS with Shana Ginsburg, Esq. - Shana Ginsburg, Esq.

LSAT BOSS is a test prep & pre-law podcast by Shana Ginsburg, Esq., (CEO of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, LLC), a disability attorney, certified teacher, and professional test prep tutor with 17 years of experience helping students with learning challenges reach their LSAT score potential. Each week, Shana brings you a lesson from her LSAT Boss strategy guide as if you were in an 1:1 tutoring session with her. Want lesson notes or info about LSAT test prep & accommodations services? Head to our website www.ginsburgadvancedtutoring.com or email us: hello@ginsburgadvancedtutoring.com. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lsatboss/support