Wise Woman Podcast - Erin Rachel Doppelt

Welcome to The Wise Woman Podcast birthed into the world by Erin Rachel Doppelt. Erin is a Spiritual Psychology & Meditation Teacher with her Master's in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University. Erin spent her 20s living in Israel, India and throughout Europe & Asia. Everything she shares with the world is rooted in eastern ritual and western psychology. Erin is the founder of The Align Coaching Certification™, the only dual training program of its kind where you become a certified meditation teacher & spiritual psychology coach. Erin also leads spiritual retreats all around the world, keynotes speaks and offers business coaching to purpose-driven & ambitious entrepreneurs. Erin and her frameworks have been featured in Healthine, SXSW, NBC, Salesforce, Google, Nike, TZR and Fox Chicago. She is currently writing her first book. Make sure to connect with her on Instagram & Tiktok @erinrdoppelt www.erinracheldoppelt.com On The Wise Woman Podcast we dive into eastern ritual, western psychology and expert interviews with fierce lady leaders supporting all in creating a life and business of deep soulful nourishment. Episodes feature actionable steps to deepen your spiritual connection, learn a new soul nourishing skill, heal people pleasing wounds, dive into account of the soul (self-study), manifest your soulmate, launch the business of your dreams, become profitable with your soulful work and live a life of freedom instead of the hustle. It all happens here :) Pour yourself a cup of tea and let's hangout!